The MMA Haus Dissertation

   The MMA Haus is a small collective of true MMA fans who have had enough of the blatant bias and fanboyism which has polluted the ranks of the intellectually vapid MMA media. We stand in firm opposition to this established cartel, that, perched high upon its house of cards built on sand with no foundation, arrogantly preaches drivel to its ever expanding flock of hive minded bottom feeders. With their manufactured lies, shock journalism, and biased fanboyism, these Zuffa-centric ideologues have degraded the sport of MMA for far too long.

   No more will we sit idly by with bated breath and quietly curse the pretenders and pseudo scholars. Let this serve as a record which sternly proclaims that during the 21st Century not all within the MMA community were dimwitted insipient proles, and a small but passionate faction stubbornly clung to the ideals of journalistic integrity while rejecting the trending concept of free speech as an antiquated notion. History shows that the voice of candor, no matter how diminutive in its origin, shall gain momentum as it echoes through the annals of time, ultimately accepting its righteous position as the ascended truth.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi

We at The MMA Haus can be reached through the following address: 

theMMAhaus (at) gmail (dot) com