Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nick Diaz and the Decline of MMA

    In historic times a fighter with no masters that fought with a blood and guts mentality of no surrender was idolized and admired for possessing uncommon courage, and for giving inspiration to the working man who struggled through his daily life.

   In modern times that fighter has proven to be Nick Diaz, and, barring a disingenuous agenda, no one can honestly deny that his fight history fulfills such a billing.

    A fighter such as Nick Diaz is the physical manifestation of the truly independent and rugged, the type who will see a job is done, blood and bruises be damned, with not a single moment of pouting self-pity through the adversity of the battle at hand. And, more often than not, such a mentality has led his hand to be raised in victory when the dust of the fight has cleared.

    In more traditional times, Nick Diaz would have been rallied around by young and old of all creeds and colors as his fighting spirit was given tribute for the inspiration it provided. Children would have called him “Hero” as their fathers and mothers smiled at the notion of their sons and daughters developing the same uncompromising will of determination that Diaz shows every time he steps into a fight.

   But somewhere along the line things have distorted. No longer is a man such as Nick Diaz revered for his tenaciously independent traits, rather, he is disrespected for them. People now see a person who has no interest in bowing to a corporate master and they scoff and scorn with contempt for their fellow man that refuses to be assimilated into the corporate Borg they have so willfully embraced. The flame of righteous rebellion has lost its status as a badge of courage, replaced by a groveling love for the chains of corporate control.

   Fighters such as Nick Diaz are quickly becoming an antiquated idea in the mind of the collective, and are being replaced by poster boys of a primmed and delicate design, precisely tuned for their given purpose of serving their company master’s goal of increasing his own profit margin.

   No longer do the corporate CEO thugs and mobsters wish to promote champions of righteous guts and glory, preferring instead controlled commodities, gelded of their independence and cast from the sheepish mold of A Brave New World.

   And it seems those who have been traditionally tasked with keeping in check those natural impulses of a corporate dictatorship run wild, the people, have become perfectly excited at allowing to take place this destruction of what a fighter used to be, what a fighter should be.