Thursday, November 4, 2010

Media Spotlight: Sherdog's Zuffa Centric Bias Exposed

   The latest Sherdog rankings have been released, and what a smorgasbord of buffoonery they are. If the source were of lesser renown, unwarranted as it may be, it'd be tempting to write these awful rankings off as sheer ignorance. This cannot be the case though, and instead must be chalked up to Sherdog’s documented predilection towards Zuffa bias, in all likelihood stemming from their desperate desire for UFC media credentials.

   So exactly how absurd are their most recently released top ten lists? Well, lets have a look and highlight some of the low lights….

Sherdog’s Heavyweight Top 10:

1- Cain Velasquez
2- Brock Lesnar
3- Fabricio Werdum
4- Fedor Emelianenko
5- Junior Dos Santos
6- Shane Carwin
7- Frank Mir
8- Alistair Overeem
9- Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
10- Antonio Silva

- The Cain/Lesnar Deception -

Of Killers and Cubs
   Are the mobsters at Zuffa threatening the McRib connections of the famously fat Sherhog staffers? Why else but under some kind of coercion would any supposed MMA journalists rank WWE wrestler and MMA wannabe Brock Lesnar at #2, and current flavor of the month Cain Velasquez at #1? The former having never had a UFC contest without blatantly displaying his lack of fighting ability in embarrassing fashion, and the latter being an untested prospect at best, and an outright paper tiger at worst. With Lesnar, even in his victories he has demonstrated a shocking lack of skill, from Frank Mir smacking him around on the feet in their rematch, to Shane Carwin utterly dominating him until gassing in the second round of their title fight. Brock Lesnar has proven time after time that he is truly a faux fighter who searches for an escape as soon as he is hit. And this is this man who current UFC belt holder Velasquez defeated to attain his illegitimate throne. To rank these cubs above grizzlies such as sporting legend Fedor Emelianenko and the man who recently handed him his first defeat, Fabricio Werdum, is categorically outrageous, absurd beyond any logical rationalization. The phony MMA journalists behind such an atrocity to equitable reasoning should be ashamed at this blatant Zuffa whoring.

- Overeem Under Ranked -

Overeem before Swine
    Strikeforce champion and K-1 standout Alistair Overeem is the prime example of a duel combat sport fighter. Yet despite having proven himself at the highest levels of both MMA and kickboxing, he is still maligned by the hacks of the mainstream media cartel. Today’s most feared striker in all of MMA has been relegated to the lower half of the top ten, among the likes of Frank Mir and federally investigated steroid fiend Shane Carwin. Again, such blatant dismissal of fighting facts must point to a malicious design on behalf of the Sherhog pundits. Any objective analysis of combative ability and accomplishments will lead one to acknowledge reality, and in accordance with this discovered truth, rank Strikeforce Champion Alistair Overeem amongst the top three heavyweights in the world of MMA fighting.

- Aleksander M.I.A. -

The media cartel's dark little secret
   Calling Aleksander Emelianenko the Rodney Dangerfield of MMA may be apt in many regards, but while Mr. Dangerfield only suffered from the absence of respect, Aleksander is actually subjected to the presence of severe disrespect. Despite being bombarded for the last two years with slanderous rumors in relation to his medical standings, all of which have since been documented by top medical doctors to be unsubstantiated lies (here and here), Aleksander has quietly put together an impressive eight fight win streak. Although you certainly wouldn’t know this by visiting the Sherhog Squad, as they have ignored the very existence of Aleksander Emelianenko ever since the hepatitis scandal they reported on in the summer of 2008 turned out to be pure unadulterated bologna. Aleksander has turned into somewhat of a skeleton in the closet of those media dopes which attempted to defame his career, but despite the campaign of misinformation and consorted effort to erase him from the pulse of current MMA, he remains one of the best strikers in the game, and has proven to be a shoe in for any heavyweight top ten list with even an ounce of integrity.

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